Ductless Mini-Split AC/Heating Installation & Repair in San Diego

Ductless Mini-Splits

Ductless Mini-Split installation, repair, and maintenance in San Diego

All your heating and air conditioning needs in a compact, sleek design

Don’t have ducting? Need new ducting? Need to cool an office or single room and don’t want to add ducting? A ductless mini-split may be just the system for you!

A ductless mini-split works like a traditional system without having a big furnace in the hallway and without all the hassles of ducting in the attic.

AC & Heating Repair & Maintenance

Benefits of a Mini-Split

Picture each room is a zone in your house. Why spend the money to cool the entire house if you only need to cool one zone? Mini-splits come in single zone or multi zone systems, providing a tailored approach to your individual heating and cooling needs. 

Reasons to Choose a Ductless Mini-Split over Central Air

Ductless mini-splits are hands down more efficient than a traditional ducted system and are the way of the future! These systems are rated with a higher base line efficiency than a standard heating or cooling system. You don’t have any loss of airflow or loss of temperature in the ducting, and you are only using what you need, when you need it!

Samsung Ductless Mini-Split Partnership

Samsung brings unmatched energy efficiency, performance, and control to home cooling and heating.
We are a Preferred Dealer Plus with Samsung.

Why Samsung:

Most HVAC companies maintain the status quo, Samsung never will. We’re bringing progressive thinking to Residential, Light Commercial, and Commercial HVAC.

Samsung's exclusive Wind-Free™* Cooling technology provides users with a cool indoor climate without the discomfort of direct cold airflow. It's an advantage no other system can match.

Super quiet operation and built in Wi-Fi on most models.


Up to 12-year parts and compressor with 1-year labor with our Samsung Preferred Plus status

Samsung Preferred Dealer Plus

Suggested Samsung Products


Wind Free 4-way Cassette

Wind-free 4-way cassette ductless mini-split heating/ac unit

The quietest, most efficient system to maximize your comfort and minimize your monthly power bill!

  • WindFree™ Cooling helps maintain a comfortable level of coolness without the feeling of direct cold wind draft
  • Good coverage for fast cooling in wide area.


Wind Free 2.0 - Up to 24.5 SEER

Wind-Free™* Cooling technology maintains the desired temperature and eliminates cold drafts by delivering air through micro holes on the unit's fascia panel when the louver is closed, producing a dispersed and gentle flow of air defined as "still air."

  • AI Auto Mode
  • Built in Wi-Fi. Works with Samsung’s SmartThings app.
  • Available capacities in BTU/h: 09, 12, 18, 24


Quantum 2.0 - Up to 23.5 SEER

The new Quantum 2.0 mini-split has been redesigned to deliver even greater levels of efficiency for the homeowner.

  • AI Auto Mode
  • Built-in Wi-Fi. Works with Samsung's Smart Things app.
  • Available capacities in BTU/h: 09, 12, 18, 24

“What a relief to work with the Ryan Air team! I contacted them to finish the installation of my mini-split AC unit, after it had been botched by another contractor.  Ryan Air came to do the job within a day of initially contacting them, and they finished it on the very same day. The three staff we met were incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. They pointed out quickly all the things that had been done wrong and fixed them.”

Lisa B.  -  San Diego, CA

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