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In need of a furnace upgrade or replacement? Whether in the closet or in the attic, we have the gas furnace or electric heat pump to fit your needs.  We will design a custom system that will save you space and create a quieter, more efficient heating experience.

Heating Furnace Installation

We're here to help with all of your heating needs, including:

York Furnace Partnership

The robust, time-tested construction of a York furnace ensures it will provide you efficient, quiet and remarkably consistent airflow for years to come

Why we prefer York

Start looking forward to winter with a high-performance YORK® gas furnace. Featuring AFUE efficiency levels as high as 98%, you'll be saving money while enjoying a new level of comfort – all season long. That's because your high-efficiency YORK® furnace will keep you warm in winter while also keeping air moving in the summer.

Why we trust York

York has been providing top-quality heating and cooling for over 140 years. Their products are designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA. All York systems have been proven through industry-leading trials at their extreme, accelerated testing facility. 


All our York products have 10-year parts and labor limited warranty, including a 10-year compressor warranty and lifetime heat exchanger warranty which ensures years of dependability with industry-leading quality. The York Affinity line also includes a lifetime compressor warranty.

York Certified Comfort Expert
York Furnace

Suggested York Products


98% Modulating Gas Furnace 

Our most efficient furnace to maximize your comfort and minimize your monthly power bill!

  • ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient qualifying efficiency up to 98% AFUE provides more heat for less cost.
  • Modulating burner design continuously adjusts heating level in small increments to match the degree of comfort you need precisely.
  • Integrated ClimaTrak™ Comfort System tailors operation to the needs of your locale.


96% Two-stage Furnace

High-efficiency 5-speed blower saves money and increases comfort levels without compromise.

  • ENERGY STAR® qualifying efficiency up to 96% AFUE provides more heat for less money.
  • Two-stage burner adjusts heat levels to match your comfort level.


80% Single-stage Furnace

High-efficiency comfort without compromise. The LX Series furnaces fit your needs with efficient models that reduce your utility bills.

  • ENERGY STAR® qualifying efficiency.
  • Single-stage heating cycle maintains consistent comfort.
  • Standard high-efficiency ECM fan motor ensures dependable air distribution.

Our Heating Services

  • New Furnace Installation 

    Whether it’s a wall unit, floor unit, in the closet, or in the attic, our technicians will remove and replace your old heating system with a new system that is sized for you and your family. We can also move your heater to the attic to maximize space and efficiency.

  • Furnace Repairs

    At Ryan, we have a balanced approach to sales and service. We don’t want to sell you a new unit if our certified technicians can diagnose and fix the issues with your current system. We will inform you of the costs of repairing vs. replacing and guide you through the process. Our technicians are not commissioned based to ensure they do not try to upsell you something you don’t need.

  • Furnace Maintenance & Tune-Ups

    Every year, you put many hours of stress on your heating system and probably don’t realize it needs a tune up. Just like a car, furnaces need regular maintenance and tuning. If you let it go for too long, you will have decreased performance and/or higher costs from your utility bill due to running your system longer than necessary.

  • Thermostats

    We will install and program your new thermostat to make sure you are up and running, worry-free before we leave. We love the new Nest thermostat, with its functionality, Wi-Fi capability, and sleek design.

  • Ductwork 

    Ducting is very important to your heating system. It is actually the most important part of your system. You can install any new, super-efficient equipment but if you’re losing half of your air through the ducting, what good is it? Let us design a customer ducting system specific to your house. We will ensure air will properly flow to every corner of your house and make you more efficient than ever!

  • Air Purification and Filtration Systems

    One of our favorite parts of conditioning the air in your house is adding air purification! We have multiple options for you to choose from depending on your purification needs. Everything from basic purifiers that capture more than normal filters to bi-polar ionization generators and UV lights with carbon filters. We will build you a custom air purification system to help you clean your air from dust, dander, pollen, and other air pollutants.

    We have a great selection of air purifiers to help keep your house clean. Remove unwanted allergens, pet dander, and smoke with an air purifier that works with your new comfort system!

    IWave R Air PurifieriWave-R
    The iWave air purifier uses ionization to break down passing pollutants and gases into harmless compounds like oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and water vapor. It attacks and kills mold, bacteria, and viruses; and reduces smoke, allergens, and static electricity. It is also self-cleaning and maintenance-free!
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    Apco Air PurifiersAPCO
    The APCO air purifier uses UV light and activated carbon to scrub air particles leaving only water vapor and carbon dioxide. It sterilizes odors, bacteria, and mold. Self-cleaning and virtually maintenance free.
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“I contacted Ryan Refrigeration, Heating and Air to  install my new wall furnace. My contact (Maricela) was incredibly helpful throughout the process and arranged for installation the next day. I live far out in East County and it is sometimes difficult to find licensed contractors willing to make the drive out into the Mountain Empire. Not so in this case. The team was on time, courteous, professional  and extremely efficient.  After they had finished, you could not even tell they had cut into the wall, and the unit worked perfectly. ”

Mary M.  -  Tecate, CA

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