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How Central Air Helps Keep You Healthy

August 7, 2020

A central air conditioner can make a positive impact on your overall health. It is one of the simplest and most effective ways to maintain consistent and comfortable temperatures. Although central air conditioning can efficiently cool your whole house within several minutes, these units’ most significant benefit is their ability to clean the air and enhance your indoor air quality effectively. Rather than cooling one room only like window systems do, central air conditioners cool your entire home by distributing cool air through the ductwork. A properly maintained central air conditioning unit can play a vital role in helping you enjoy the health benefits highlighted below.

1. Maintain a Constant and Comfortable Temperature

Many homeowners underestimate the negative impact that too-cold, too-hot or fluctuating temperatures can have on their overall health. Being overly cold or warm can sap your energy fast, significantly contributing to a depleting immune system and chronic fatigue. A central air conditioner can maintain a consistent room temperature throughout your residence, making it easier for the body to regulate its temperature and making sure it is well-equipped to fight off infections.

2. Regulate Humidity

Central air conditioning helps keep the humidity levels in your home stable and within a safe and healthy range. Just like the temperature, you should not keep relative air humidity too low or too high. A home with excessively high humidity will become a breeding place for bacteria and many other harmful microorganisms. In contrast, extremely low humidity often creates dry air that leads to dry sinuses and acute dry skin conditions.

3. Get Better Sleep

A central air conditioner serves a bigger purpose than beating the heat in summer. By setting your unit between 70 and 74º F at night, you are more likely to enjoy better sleep. Going to bed at a temperature within that range will eliminate the need for your body system to regulate its temperature since your bedroom’s air is cool already. Keeping your bedroom too cold or too hot will force the body to remain awake while attempting to adjust itself to the present conditions.

4. Improve Respiratory Conditions

Generally, the air has airborne particles, but these allergens can get trapped in closed spaces like your office or home, leading to health complications for people with have asthma and other respiratory conditions. Apart from the airborne particles, fumes and other toxic gases can also get trapped inside your home. To replace the stale and polluted air and enhance the air quality, you must eliminate the pollutants and contaminants such as dust mites and pollen that worsen respiratory conditions.

5. Enhance the Immune System

Central air conditioners keep disease-spreading germs at bay by keeping your indoor space cooler to prevent microbial growth. Putting your body under excessive pressure by working in extreme environments can significantly stress your immune system. For instance, working in a hot office space in summer will only wear down your resistance to illnesses, leaving you vulnerable to infections.

6. Reduce Odors and Fumes

Bad smells are unpleasant, but they normally indicate more serious problems. Poorly stored cleaning chemicals, fumes, stale air and other gases in your home can negatively impact your health if they infuse indoor air. Generally, basic odors indicate poor air quality and the presence of chemically active particulates in the air. Even though these situations are not lethal, they are not beneficial to respiration. A central air conditioning system can eliminate or mitigate most of the odors and fumes with proper purification.

7. Get Better Air Quality

From bacteria to dust, the air inside your home can become a health hazard due to overheating and improper ventilation. You can develop colds, coughs, fatigue and headaches. Your central air system is the main filter for your residence by regulating your home’s temperatures and improving ventilation. There are multiple ways to enhance air quality, but central air conditioning is usually the best option.

Using a central air conditioner for the long term can help you realize numerous health benefits by minimizing bodily stress and making your indoor space the best it can be. To enjoy the health benefits highlighted above, you need to ensure that it is in good working condition. That includes replacing and cleaning filters regularly as well as getting annual servicing and maintenance by an HVAC expert.

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